Programming Throwdown

Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

Intro topic: What are expectations on developers that have nothing to do with programming


Book of the Show

Tool of the Show

Topic: Godot

  • What is a game engine?
    • Graphics, animation, particle effects
    • Tilemaps
    • Entity component systems
    • Physics
    • Sound
    • I/O
    • Input handling (touchscreen, joystick)
    • GDScript
  • Why use a game engine?
    • Portability
    • Allow for testing individual components of the game
    • Libraries for ads, in-app-purchases
  • Godot
    • Open source
    • Focused on 2-D but now many 3-D features
    • Great development environment
  • AI Hero
    • Started in phaser (development rut)
    • Moved to Godot, rapid prototyping