Programming Throwdown

Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

Intro topic: Jogging Metrics


Book of the Show

Tool of the Show
  • Patrick: 
    • Factorio (Desktop Game)
  • Jason:
    • AI Hero (iOS and Android)

Topic: Desktop user interfaces

  • What is a user interface?
  • Web and Mobile UI toolkits
  • Desktop options
    • Qt
      • Cross platform, custom UI elements
      • Qt creator, code generator
    • WxWidgets
      • Cross platform, uses native UI elements 
      • WxFormDesigner, code generation
      • Can look different on different operating systems
    • Electron
      • Local nodejs webserver
      • Html/JavaScript technology
      • Requires interprocess communication to use other languages  
    • Jupyter notebooks
      • Mathematica-like notebook 
      • Not for distribution 
    • Streamlit
      • Python to web compiler
    • Game Engines
      • Unity, Godot, Unreal
  • Tips for building desktop UI
    • UI is slow (startup time, interaction time)
    • Separate the UI from the engine & business logic