Programming Throwdown

Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

MosaicML’s VP Of Engineering, Hagay Lupesko, joins us today to discuss generative AI!  We talk about how to use existing models as well as ways to finetune these models to a particular task or domain.
00:01:28 Introductions
00:02:09 Hagay’s circuitous career journey
00:08:25 Building software for large factories
00:17:30 The reality of new technologies
00:28:10 AWS
00:29:33 Pytorch’s leapfrog advantage
00:37:24 MosaicML’s mission
00:39:29 Generative AI
00:44:39 Giant data models
00:57:00 Data access tips
01:10:31 MPT-7B
01:27:01 Careers in Mosaic
01:31:46 Farewells

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