Programming Throwdown

Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

Where are you now? It’s a question that may seem easy to answer on the surface, but in truth hides more complexity than people expect. In today’s episode, we tackle the latest on AI, creative endeavors, and more before diving into the meaty discussion of position localization.

00:01:13 Steam Deck
00:11:22 Summoning Salt on Mario
00:16:49 100k stars
00:24:26 ChatGPT spam call
00:25:31 Build Your Own DB (from scratch)
00:29:50 DuckDB
00:35:07 Jason has an idea
00:37:58 Fighting Fantasy Classics
00:41:52 Patrick’s bread
00:47:52 Support the show
00:53:54 Awkward CRM emails
00:56:07 Rill
01:00:29 Position localization in detail
01:17:15 Common filter
01:25:22 Simultaneous localization
01:28:59 Farewells

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