Programming Throwdown

Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

A second Jason joins this episode of Programming Throwdown! Jason McDonald – Python evangelist, author, and more – talks to Patrick and Jason about his experience with the programming language, how his disability helped and hindered his software career, and where its strengths and weaknesses lie. 

00:01:05 Introductions
00:02:27 Jason’s pivotal Doctor Who regeneration
00:04:49 The power of dialog boxes
00:10:10 Python’s power
00:12:37 How disability discrimination can look
00:17:40 Making vs playing games
00:23:47 Jason’s POV on intention
00:28:04 Why Jason stayed with Python
00:40:11 Every language’s Thing
00:49:42 Duck typing
00:52:48 Global Interpreter Lock (GIL)
01:14:16 Dependencies
01:34:08 Finding Jason online
01:35:20 Farewells
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