Monday, July 25, 2022

139: Scientific Python with Guido Imperiale

Coming off the heels of the scientific python conference, we are delighted to have Guido Imperiale, OSS Engineer at Coiled, to talk with us about this exciting space, including his own work on Dask, remote work benefits, and how distributed computing with the latest Python tools has allowed him to manage large data science projects with ease. 

00:00:45 Introductions

00:02:22 The sluggish Python-based system that Guido revitalized

00:06:03 Meeting the challenge of adding necessary complexity to a project

00:11:59 Excel in banking

00:18:15 Guido’s shift into Coil

00:19:29 Scooby-Doo pajamas

00:20:21 What motivates people to come in to the office today

00:24:09 Pandas

00:35:35 Why human error can doom an Excel setup

00:39:29 BLAS

00:46:20 A million lines of data

00:51:43 How does Dask interact with Gambit

00:54:40 Where does Coil come in

00:59:34 The six-o-clock question

01:03:53 Dealing with matters of difficult decomposition

01:12:07 The Coil work experience

01:15:37 Why contributing is impressive

01:20:20 Coil’s product offering

01:21:19 Farewells

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