Programming Throwdown

Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

Yonatan Cohen – Co-Founder & CTO of Quantum Machines – joins us in this episode to tackle quantum computing!  Did you know anyone can run quantum programs on Amazon Web Services for mere dollars? Learn about this field early to take pole superposition in the race to understand and use quantum computers!

00:00:45 Introductions
00:01:20 Yonatan’s beginnings
00:03:49 The simulation question
00:05:51 How physics led to quantum computing
00:14:56 Richard Feynman
00:16:44 On the irreversibility of normal computers
00:21:25 Logic gates
00:25:04 Qubits
00:30:11 An example of qubits
00:38:19 Why simulating a quantum computer matters
00:42:23 NP-complete problems
00:48:57 More people at a higher development level are needed
00:54:16 Quantum machines in the middle layer
01:02:56 Working at Quantum Machines
01:05:05 Farewells

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