Programming Throwdown

Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

In this tour-de-force, Mike Dalessio – Engineering Director at Shopify – and Evan Phoenix – self-described “long-time Rubyist” – join us for a practical discussion of all things Ruby! Ruby is a beautiful language, and we're really excited to cover the history and present of this language with two experts.
00:01:03 Introductions
00:01:49 Mike’s Ruby journey
00:12:28 Evan’s own Ruby experience
00:18:20 The pickaxe book
00:20:34 Weird programming interests
00:25:11 MINASWAN
00:30:33 Language conferences
00:36:38 Wrong answers on StackOverflow
00:41:53 RubyCentral
00:44:50 In-depth examination of Ruby
00:47:57 How Shopify sticks to vanilla Rails
00:50:28 A tale of two developers
00:59:59 Bringing Ruby up to Python’s level
01:04:48 Shopify’s largest app monolith
01:11:12 Tuning the knobs
01:18:01 How not to learn the hard way
01:18:57 Opportunities at Shopify
01:29:14 Working with the RubyShield program
01:32:07 Rails for API servers
01:33:21 Mike and Evan’s advice for listeners
01:36:00 Farewells

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