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Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

What is "The Edge"?  The answer is that it means different things to different people, but it always involves lifting logic, data, and processing load off of your backend servers and onto other machines.  Sometimes those machines are spread out over many small datacenters, or sometimes they are in the hands of your customers.  In all cases, computing on the edge is a different paradigm that requires new ways of thinking about coding.  We're super lucky to have Jaxon on the show to share his experiences with edge computing and dive into this topic!!

00:00:23 Introduction
00:01:15 Introducing Jaxon Repp
00:01:42 What is HarperDB?
00:08:10 Edge Computing
00:10:06 What is the “Edge”
00:14:58 Jaxon’s history with Edge Computing and HarperDB
00:22:35 Edge Computing in everyday life
00:26:12 Tesla AI and data
00:28:09 Edge Computing in the oil industry
00:35:23 Docker containers
00:42:33 Databases
00:48:29 Data Conflicts
00:55:43 HarperDB for personal use
01:00:00 MeteorJS
01:02:29 Netflix, as an example
01:06:19 The speed of edge computing
01:08:43 HarperDB’s work environment and who is Harper?
01:10:30 The Great Debate
01:12:17 Career opportunities in HarperDB
01:18:56 Quantum computing
01:21:22 Reach HarperDB
01:23:53 Raspberry Pi and HarperDB home applications
01:27:20 Farewells

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