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134: Ephemeral Environments with Benjie De Groot

How do you test changes to your web backend or database?  Many people have a "production" and one "development" database, but the development database can easily become broken by one engineer and thus unusable for the rest of the team.  Also, how would two engineers make changes in parallel to the development environment?  What if you could spin up hundreds or thousands of development databases as you need them? Today we have Benjie De Groot, Co-Founder and CEO of Shipyard to explain ephemeral environments and how virtual machines and containers have made massive improvements in devops!
00:00:15 Introduction
00:00:24 Introducing Benjie De Groot
00:01:26 Benjie’s Programming Background
00:06:34 How Shipyard started
00:09:17 Working in Startups vs. Tech Giants
00:19:28 The difference between Virtual Machines and Containers
00:26:17 Local Development Environment
00:40:27 What is a DevOps engineer and what does it entail?
00:45:42 Zencastr
00:50:12 Shipyard as a company
00:55:29 How Shipyard gets clients
01:06:48 Farewells
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Benjie De Groot, Co-Founder & CEO at Shipyard:



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