Programming Throwdown

Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

Brief Summary:
What is Web 3.0? Guest speaker Michelle Lee, Product Lead of Protocol Labs, shares how web 3.0 will revolutionize the Internet and bring trust back into the web.
00:00:25 Introduction
00:01:36 Michelle Lee’s career 
00:03:10 What is human-computer interaction?
00:04:55 The Google Sheets user experience
00:06:19 Google Checkout, user feedback, and emails
00:10:23 Code for America
00:13:47 The real power of Open Source
00:14:14 Web 3.0
00:23:04 IPFS network accessibility
00:26:14 How does IPFS handle bogus content?
00:38:56 Network storage costs
00:43:03 Privacy and identification on IPFS
00:45:23 Content moderation from the Web 3.0 perspective
00:49:48 Audius
00:54:20 Protocol Labs and IPFS
00:55:26 Working with Protocol Labs
01:05:00 Farewells
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