Monday, February 27, 2023

152: The Future Database with Sam Lambert

Databases are key to almost any project, large or small.  Most database systems in the cloud are designed for heavy use and the costs can get expensive quickly, but database-as-a-service is a rapidly growing area, where many databases can share the same hardware for a much reduced rate, or even for free!  Sam Lambert, CEO of PlanetScale, joins Jason and Patrick to discuss database-as-a-service.

00:01:41 Introductions
00:02:34 Sam’s Github learning lesson
00:07:08 The day after
00:10:57 Getting started with databases
00:14:21 Schema change difficulties
00:19:47 Database transactions
00:31:15 Why data recovery matters
00:38:35 Planetscale
00:49:24 Greetings from the past
01:02:01 How Jason discovered Planetscale
01:06:53 Branching
01:14:00 The vision for Planetscale
01:18:12 The rationale behind Planetscale’s work setup
01:24:29 Careers at Planetscale
01:28:06 Amp It Up
01:33:10 Farewells

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