Monday, February 13, 2023

151: Machine Learning Engineering with Liran Hason

Machine Learning Engineer is one of the fastest-growing professions on the planet.  Liran Hason, co-founder and CEO of Aporia, joins us to discuss this new field and how folks can learn the skills and gain the experience needed to become an ML Engineer!

00:00:59 Introductions
00:01:44 How Liran got started making websites
00:07:03 College advice for getting involved in real-world experience
00:12:51 Jumping into the unknown
00:15:22 ML engineering
00:20:50 The missing part in data science development
00:29:16 How to build skills in the ML space
00:37:01 A horror story
00:41:34 Model loading questions
00:47:36 Must-have skills in an ML resume
00:50:41 Deciding about data science
00:59:08 Rust
01:06:27 How Aporia contributes to the data science space
01:14:26 Working at Aporia
01:16:53 Farewells

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