Monday, January 23, 2023

150: Code Reviews with On Freund

Patrick and I are always stressing the importance of code reviews and collaboration when developing.  On Freund, co-founder & CEO at Wilco, is super familiar with how code review processes can go well, or become a hinderance. In today’s episode with us, he shares his unique perspective on code reviews and maintaining high code quality!

00:00:56 Introductions
00:01:38 On’s first exposure to tech
00:06:04 Game development adventures
00:11:12 The difference between university and real-world experiences
00:17:43 A context switch question
00:24:41 Points of frustration
00:30:53 Build versus Buy complications
00:32:06 Code reviews
00:39:58 Quality of code
00:45:12 Using callouts for the right reasons
00:49:57 Code reviews can be too late sometimes
00:52:11 Using social interaction as pre-review orientation
00:57:03 How not to use code reviews
01:01:35 Where Wilco helps programmers learn
01:09:11 Working in Wilco
01:11:49 Farewells

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