Monday, January 9, 2023

149: Workflow Engines with Sanjay Siddhanti

At scale, anything we build is going to involve people. Many of us have personal schedules and to-do lists, but how can we scale that to hundreds or even thousands of people? When you file a help ticket at a massive company like Google or Facebook, ever wonder how that ticket is processed? Sanjay Siddhanti, Akasa’s Director of Engineering, is no slouch when it comes to navigating massive workflow engines – and in today’s episode, he shares his experiences in bioinformatics, workflows, and more with us.

00:00:39 Workflow engine definitions

00:01:40 Introductions

00:02:24 Sanjay’s 8th grade programming experience

00:05:28 Bioinformatics

00:10:29 The academics-vs-industry dilemma

00:16:52 Small company challenges

00:18:18 Correctly identifying when to scale

00:24:04 The solution Akasa provides

00:31:38 Workflow engines in detail

00:36:02 ETL frameworks

00:45:06 The intent of integration construction

00:47:13 Delivering a platform vs delivering a solution

00:50:04 Working within US medico-legal frameworks

00:53:28 Inadvertent uses of API calls

00:55:47 Working in Akasa

00:57:09 Interning in Akasa

00:58:35 Farewells

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