Monday, December 26, 2022

S1: Holiday 2022 Special

Today we field questions from Programming Throwdown’s listeners about AI, machine learning, and more practical matters as developers in our annual holiday special!

00:00:24 Introductions
00:00:43 Programming Showdown merch
00:02:13 Paul S
00:03:28 Dealing with ergonomics
00:10:39 On AI coding assistant tools
00:16:43 Warren Y
00:20:24 Ben inquires about performance testing
00:27:39 Wild coding story
00:29:37 AI coding’s disruption potential
00:34:20 Jason’s Turing riddle
00:35:50 ChatGPT
00:43:59 Christian B
00:45:13 Collection-of-Letters asks on documentation
00:49:07 Zeh F
00:50:51 Coding books that weren’t that great
00:54:40 James K
00:57:32 Jeremy S wonders about ML
01:00:45 Virtual and live hangouts
01:02:09 A retrospective
01:07:49 Xu L
01:09:22 Showing off the shirts
01:11:31 Farewells

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Happy holidays from Programming Throwdown to everyone!