Monday, December 12, 2022

148: Package Management with Max Howell

Package managers are an often-overlooked aspect of any operating system, but their importance is not to be underestimated – especially in today’s development environment. As both creator of Homebrew and CEO of, Max Howell is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of open-source development, software engineering, and balancing passion with practicality. He shares these experiences and more with us in today’s deep dive into the subject!

00:01:00 Introductions

00:01:29 When Max started Tea.XYZ

00:03:51 British plugs

00:08:10 Literally rolling out of bed to work

00:11:49 The value of meetups

00:13:14 Getting into open-source

00:23:00 Mandrake

00:25:02 Turning frustration into action

00:30:47 Deno

00:40:28 OSX’s relationship with Unix

00:55:33 Trying out Ruby

01:01:13 April Fools prank ideas

01:04:13 The cause of sleepless nights with Homebrew

01:14:41 What got Max inspired to do Tea

01:19:53 From startup to company

01:41:55 Farewells

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