Monday, August 22, 2022

141: Social Gaming with Chip Morningstar

Chip Morningstar, Software Engineer at Agoric, has had quite a career in the software industry – from designing spaceships, to joining Lucasfilm’s entertainment brands, to the emerging cryptocurrency industry. In this episode, he talks with Patrick and Jason about these and more: security in today’s online world, AI’s nascent role in gaming, and how expectations in game releases have changed with the times. 

00:01:03 Introductions

00:04:47 Mojovision

00:06:07 Chips’ storied journey

00:11:06 Project Xanadu

00:18:45 Getting into Lucasfilm

00:31:31 Artificial Intelligence in games

00:39:48 GTA MP

01:00:10 How the game industry drives people

01:08:29 Agoric and its niche in the blockchain

01:20:12 Javascript’s securability

01:22:46 Working with Agoric

01:32:20 What skills Agoric’s team looks for

01:35:31 Chip’s parting thoughts

01:37:00 Farewells

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