Monday, August 8, 2022

140: Developer Burnout and Infrastructure as Code with Ronak Rahman

Burnout in the tech industry is a very prominent concern among both leaders and developers alike. Ronak Rahman, Developer Relations Manager at Quali, joins Patrick and I in this episode to share his experience, and why having the right infrastructure in place can prevent work-life erosion (plus sticker shock with cloud service bills)!


00:00:57 Introductions

00:01:51 How Ronak got started in programming

00:06:03 The first encounter with burnout

00:11:49 Double-edged benefits

00:17:23 Spoon theory

00:19:07 Why relationship clarity matters

00:25:11 A cold room story

00:30:59 Context switching’s relevance

00:35:45 QTorque’s solution to monitor cloud automation costs

00:39:19 Setting up lifetimes

00:42:17 Bom lists

00:49:19 How Quali helps with the challenges

00:54:40 What to do to actualize your true self

00:58:00 Farewells

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