Monday, July 11, 2022

138: Fixing the Internet with John Day

In the second part of a two-episode special, Professor John Day continues to share his stories from the early days of the internet. From the debate surrounding IPv6, different methodology around network design, and John’s own career advice, there’s tons of wisdom and practical experience to be gained here!


00:00:24 Introductions

00:00:49 IP v6

00:04:50 OSI

00:12:53 The IP v7 debate

00:20:18 The definition of an address’s scope

00:21:38 Why John feels DNS was a mistake

00:26:40 How IP mobility works

00:32:13 Bluetooth 

00:41:41 Where will Internet architecture go from here

00:49:49 Understanding the problem space

00:59:04 The angels in the details

01:00:53 Scientific thinking vs engineering thinking

01:04:01 Victorian architecture

01:06:11 John’s career advice

01:11:18 Garbage Can Model

01:14:38 How to make the most out of college today

01:27:05 Farewells

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