Monday, June 27, 2022

137: The Origins of the Internet with John Day

Computing has certainly come a long way from punch cards and literal system bugs – yet there is so much more to learn. Professor John Day shares his stories from the heyday of the computer revolution, the challenges that they faced, and what he’s been up to lately, among others. This first part of a two-episode special is a rare treat with a pioneer, and one that people in the tech industry shouldn’t miss.


00:01:01 Introduction

00:01:28 COVID and the challenge of teaching

00:04:11 John’s academic and career path

00:08:14 LSI technology

00:12:13 Collaborative software development in the day

00:15:24 ARPANET’s early use

00:20:08 Atom bomb and weather simulations

00:26:55 The message-switching network 

00:34:57 Pouzin

00:38:00 Every register had a purpose

00:45:15 The Air Force in 1972

00:52:10 Low memory

00:59:14 Early problems with TCP

01:11:51 The separation of mechanism and policy

01:23:25 Farewells

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 Pouzin Society:

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