Monday, June 13, 2022

136: Metaverse with Daniel Liebeskind

Decentralizing the future can often lead to missing out on genuine human communication. Daniel Liebeskind, Cofounder and CEO of Topia, talks about how they’re working to avoid that pitfall while building the foundation of a better online experience. Whether its his lessons from Burning Man, keeping the human spirit alive in today’s technological frontier, or how Topia fits in the future, Daniel has something for listeners.

00:01:34 Introduction

00:02:15 Daniel and early programming experience

00:07:51 How coding felt like sorcery

00:09:35 Skill trees

00:16:10 Second Life

00:19:56 Enhancing versus replacing real life experiences

00:26:28 A decentralized Metaverse

00:29:54 Web 2 versus Web 3 

00:34:15 /r/place

00:44:16 Why boom cycles are important for tech

00:46:03 Topia for consumers

00:52:47 Topia as a company

00:55:50 Opportunities at Topia


01:03:50 Farewells

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