Monday, May 9, 2022

133: Solving for the Marketplace Problem with Andrew Yates


As anyone who listens to the show regularly knows, I've always been fascinated by marketplaces.  How do we figure out what to charge for something, and how do we match buyers and sellers?  How does a company like Uber match drivers to riders so quickly?  Today we have Andrew Yates, Co-Founder & CEO at, to talk about marketplaces and how to optimize for this two-sided problem.


00:00:15 Introduction

00:00:27 Introducing Andrew Yates

00:00:50 Andrew’s Programming Background

00:04:19 Andrew at Promoted.AI

00:08:17 What is a Marketplace?

00:17:45 Marketplace Rankings

00:22:50 Short-term vs Long-term Experience

00:24:43 Machine Learning and the Marketplace

00:34:57 Measurements

00:37:09 Promoted.AI Integration

00:38:31 How Promoted.AI Measures Success

00:41:14 Auction Theory

00:46:08 Experience with YCombinator

00:50:34 Promoted.AI as a Company

00:55:47 Farewells