Monday, February 28, 2022

128: WebAssembly with Kevin Hoffman



What is WebAssembly? Guest speaker Kevin Hoffman, CTO of Cosmonic shares what WebAssembly is, why it exists, and what kind of things you can do with it.


00:00:16 Introduction

00:00:52 Cosmonic during COVID

00:02:45 Kevin Hoffman’s career and Cosmonic’s begginings

00:12:39 WebAssembly integrations

00:16:20 What is WebAssembly?

00:27:30 The developer experience

00:30:30 WebAssembly, JSON, and other object interactions

00:36:35 Rollbar

00:41:08 Compiler linking

00:49:27 wasmCloud

00:54:21 Decoupling clouds

01:01:51 Cosmonic fostering wasmCloud/WebAssembly

01:03:28 Cosmonic as a company

01:09:33 Opportunities at Cosmonic

01:13:03 Farewells

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