Monday, February 14, 2022

127: AI for Code with Eran Yahav

Brief Summary:

Programming is difficult as it is, but imagine how difficult it was without all the current tools, compilers, synthesizers, etc. that we have today! Eran Yahav, Chief Technology Officer at Tabnine shares how AI is currently helping with code writing and how it could change in the future.

00:00:16 Introduction
00:00:51 Eran Yahav’s programming background
00:08:11 Balance between Human and the Machine
00:11:49 Static Analysis
00:29:42 Similarities in Programming Constructs
00:25:30 Average vs Tailored tooling
00:36:19 Machine learning quality metrics
00:38:27 Rollbar
00:40:19 Model Training vs Statistic Matching
00:50:19 Developers Interacting with their Code in the Future
01:00:18 Tabnine

Companies/People mentioned:

Eran Yahav, Chief Technology Officer at Tabnine



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