Monday, January 24, 2022

126 - Serverless Computing with Erez Berkner


 Brief Summary:

Erez Berkner, CEO of Lumigo, talks about his company, going serverless, and why you should too. He shares his experience and tips regarding serverless computing and its ever-growing opportunities in modern computing.

00:00:16 Introduction

00:01:43 Introducing Erez Berkner

00:06:27 The start of Lumigo

00:10:42 What is Serverless

00:20:10 Challenges with going serverless

00:39:53 Securing Lambdas

00:46:50 Lumigo and breadcrumbs 

00:55:46 How to get started with Lumigo

00:57:06 Lumigo and databases

00:58:20 Lumigo pricing

01:00:28 Lumigo as a company

01:06:30 Contacting Lumigo

01:11:01 Farewells

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