Monday, January 10, 2022

124 - Holiday Episode 2021!


In this holiday episode, Jason and Patrick answer questions from listeners. They also look back at the past year’s challenges and victories.

00:15:35 (Kevin)
What's been the biggest thing that pushed you to learn more during your career?  Was it taking a new job and moving somewhere, doing stuff in your spare time or something like a new hobby or anything else?

00:29:38 (Kevin)
Favorite city to live in or visit?

00:31:29 First Winner (James B.)

00:32:21 (Clever Clover/James)
Next biggest tech prediction.

00:36:28 (Paul)
If we could standardize all the code there is out there to one particular language, which language would it be and why would it be Python?

00:40:40 Second Winner (Collin G.)

00:41:21 (Necrous)
If you could redo your career and education path, what would you change?

00:47:12 Third Winner (Matt I.)

00:47:48 (MQNC)
What is the dirtiest hackiest anti-pattern piece of code you ever wrote in full consciousness and even maybe enjoying the thrill and why was it the way to go?

00:54:36 (Leedle)
Thoughts on server side rendering React and NextJS?

00:57:00 Fourth Winner (Glenn S.)

00:57:25 (NC Plattipus)
The visual programming language, LabVIEW?

01:05:02 Fifth Winner (James F.)

01:05:53 (Gethan)
Future technology or big technologies, what about AR?

01:10:18 (Gethan)
On the topic of getting a master's degree or classes, do you see a benefit of getting certifications?

01:18:16 Sixth Winner (Don R.)

Predictions we made last 2020 and how they held up.


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