Wednesday, December 15, 2021

123 - Project Planning


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Project Planning

How do you stay focused when working on large projects that span many months? In this duo episode, we talk about Project Planning techniques and trends! We also cover solving personal data storage problems and building CNC machines & printers.

Intro topic: 

Home Network Attached Storage (Home NAS)


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Topic: Project Planning

  • Classes of Approaches
    • Waterfall
    • Agile
    • Hybrid
  • Dimensions of a project
    • Triangle
      • Headcount
      • Scope
        • Kanban
        • Scope Creep
      • Time
        • Gantt Chart
        • Dependencies
        • Items Blocking
        • Sizing
          • Person - hours vs Calendar time
          • Planning as monte carlo
  • Timescales
    • Long-term vision
    • Medium-term milestones
    • Short-term work packages
  • Tools
    • Task reporting
    • Headcount reporting

00:00:15 Introduction

00:01:33 UML

00:05:22 Home NAS and other personal storage solutions

00:18:09 Homebrew CNC machine

00:29:37 Raft (Consensus Algorithm)

00:36:54 The Mathematics of 2048

00:45:44 Book of the Show

00:45:57 Manager Tools 

00:49:10 Make Magazine

00:57:50 Tool of the Show

00:57:51 Workflowy

00:59:10 GitHub Desktop

01:01:00 Project Planning

01:22:11 Farewells

Resources mentioned in this episode:

QT Designer:


Curves and Surfaces by Bartosz Ciechanowski:



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