Monday, October 25, 2021

122 - Building Conversational AI's with Joe Bradley


When you ask Alexa or Google a question and it responds, how does that actually work?  Could we have  more in-depth conversations and what would that look like?  Today we dive into conversational AI with Joe Bradley and answer these questions and many more.

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00:00:15 Introduction
00:01:24 Introducing Joe Bradley
00:04:44 How Joe got into Conversation AI
00:21:35 Zork and WordNet
00:27:48 Automatic Image Detection/Captioning
00:39:31 MuZero
00:45:27 Codex
00:50:15 GPT and businesses
00:55:16 Artificial General Intelligence
01:00:05 What is LivePerson
01:16:30 Working at LivePerson
01:21:18 Job opportunities in LivePerson
01:27:04 How to reach Joe
01:32:40 Farewells

Resources mentioned in this episode:


  • LivePerson:
  • PyTorch:
  • TensorFlow:

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