Monday, September 27, 2021

Episode 120 - Machine Learning Embeddings with Edo Liberty


How can you tell if two images are similar? What about two videos, or two podcast episodes? Finding similar items in a data set is the foundation of Search, Recommendations, Spam Fighting, and many other areas of machine learning. To do this, we need some examples of images that are similar & not similar (called labels), and a method that can learn patterns from these examples (called a model). Today we have Edo Liberty, CEO of Pinecone, on the show to dive into how embeddings are trained and how to quickly find the similar groups of items from millions (even billions!) of examples.

Thanks so much for supporting the show and writing in with ideas! Happy hacking!

00:00:24 Introduction
00:02:19 Edo's Background
00:08:20 What are Embeddings?
00:14:00 Self-Organizing Maps & how humans store data
00:22:27 The lifecycle of a machine learning system
00:34:40 The weirdness of high-dimensional spaces
00:42:20 How to manage a vector database
00:47:01 Pinecone the company

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