Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Episode 99: Squashing bugs using AI and Machine Learning with Boris Paskalev

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Squashing bugs using AI and Machine Learning with Boris Paskalev

  • 0:1:20 Intro
  • 0:2:57 Going from developer to business school
  • 0:6:40 How to do analysis on code
  • 0:14:28 JSNice and Nice2Predict: 
  • 0:14:32 How to people catch bugs?
  • 0:18:40 Debugging horror stories
  • 0:26:25 What is using DeepCode like?
  • 0:35:27 Languages supported
  • 0:39:50 The machine learning behind DeepCode
  • 0:46:30 DeepCode Pricing
  • 0:50:35 DeepCode the company
  • 0:58:15 Running the DeepCode extension
  • 0:59:40 Reaching out
Deep Code email: hello@deepcode.ai
Boris' email: boris@deepcode.ai
Deepcode Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeepCodeAI
Educative: educative.io/ProgrammingThrowdown


  1. Thank you Jason and Patrick, it was great to swap stories with such a welcoming and tech-savvy hosts.

    I also wanted to share the link to http://apk-deguard.com/ the Statistical Deobfuscation for Android that I mentioned.

    Also I remain open to answer any questions your listeners have.

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