Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Episode 96: Continuous Integration with Rob Zuber

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Continuous Integration with Rob Zuber

  • 0:57 Intro
  • 3:57 Data center hardware
  • 7:27 First starting to write software
  • 8:26 Sales engineering
  • 13:37 Staying motivated
  • 22:58 The origins of CircleCI
  • 24:10 Why write tests?
  • 35:10 Educative: Sign up using
  • 40:04 Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
  • 48:30 Merging pull requests safely with CI
  • 54:26 Writing good tests
  • 1:00:43 Running tests in the cloud
  • 1:07:16 Overview of docker and CircleCI backend
  • 1:15:30 Why it’s better to use a provider than run CI yourself
  • 1:25:37 CircleCI the company
  • 1:36:10 Working remotely
  • 1:50:49 Reaching out
CircleCI Jobs:
Rob's Twitter:


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