Thursday, September 19, 2019

Episode 93: A Journey to Programming Mastery

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A Journey to Programming Mastery with Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas

  • Painful programming
  • Origins of Pragmatic Programmer
  • What is a pragmatic programmer?
  • Advice: learn many languages!
  • What is programming?
  • Prototyping
  • Improving the interview process
  • The “10x engineer” (a.k.a. The phenomenal jerk)
  • Programming consciously vs. unconsciously
  • How to balance maintaining good code with building new things
    • Kent Beck’s “3x”:
  • What do tech leaders do?
  • How to get your first coding job
  • New changes in the 20th anniversary edition
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  1. What a great surprise to have found this podcast! I'm finishing reading this new edition of the book and enjoying it a lot.

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  3. Really enjoyed this episode. I have listened to other interviews for the book but this one went into the weeds a little and the content was great.

  4. The download link doesn't work. Getting SSL connection terminated issue.

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