Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Episode 91: Functional Programming with Adam Gordon Bell

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Functional Programming with Adam Bell

  • What is Functional Programming (FP)?
  • Does everyone use the term FP to mean the same thing
  • Why / When is FP useful?
  • How did you start using Scala as a programming language
  • What is unique about Scala?
  • Scala / FP emphasizes using types extensively to build better software, possibly more than seen in traditional static typed programming languages - why is that valuable?
Adam's Twitter: @adamgordonbell
Corecursive Twitter: @corecursive
Corecursive podcast:


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  7. Thanks for this episode! It was a great overview of the concept, and it encouraged me to clean up the code in my side project to be more functional. I'd like to hear more about the ways functional programming can be employed to be interactive with a user, in light of its side-effect-free nature.

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