Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Episode 90: Terminals and Shells


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The Good & Bad of Ambition


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Book of the Show

Tool of the Show

Terminals and Shells (45:34)

  • Terminal Emulators
    • Renders terminal output
    • Terminal output has a protocol (ANSI codes)
      • Position cursor
      • Colors
      • Ring bell
      • Draw pixels
    • Popular Terminal Emulators
      • Cmd & Powershell (Windows)
      • Windows Terminal (Windows)
      • Gterminal / Konsole (Linux)
      • Terminal / iTerm2 (OS/X)
      • Hyper.js (Cross Platform)
  • Shells
    • Read/Writes terminal protocol
    • Executes programs
    • Advanced Features
      • Tab completion
    • Prompt (status)
      • Show git branch
    • Popular shells
      • Bash
      • Zsh
      • Oh-My-Zsh
      • Fish
    • ShellCheck


  1. Very important topic and insightful show. Windows has been lacking a proper terminal for so many years now.

    I've personally tried to use Cygwin, Git Bash, Babun and WLS. But what I ended up using, is VirtualBox running a Ubuntu VM with the GNOME terminal in full screen.

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