Thursday, September 6, 2018

Episode 81: 2018 Mailbag


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Mailbag (29:15)

  • Nathan
    •  PICO-8 and/or the pocketCHIP (if you order one, be warned they are behind on other orders. Check their forums) for simple 2D game development with Lua.
  • Dylan
    • Modding video games?
  • David
  • Jack
    • How do we manage passwords?
  • “A Listener”
    • For job security, as an individual, is it best to have a little knowledge on a lot of languages or to specialise in just a single one
    • Switching programming languages for a whole organization
  • Chris
    • OS X, Windows, Linux? If Linux, what distro? What do you use day to day? What languages? 
    • What's your favorite development platform? Laptop? Battlestation? SMART PHONE?!
  • BSDTech (Discord)
    • I have a question.  As a fairly new programmer how do you best deal with variables changing types and being cast wrong in languages like python (what im working on).  In C it was fairly easy either its the right type all the time or it fails miserably and you didn't have random "its a NoneType this time" errors other than doing a ton of if loops checking for it
  • McGee (Discord)
    • I’m taking a class this semester called Operating Systems. In this class we will be creating a basic operating system in C and apparently some Assembly... what are some things to keep in mind or to expect when writing something like this?
  • Vellor (Discord)
    • Will we ever revisit topics on the show?
  • Apettit9 (Discord)
    • What do you listen to while you work?
  • Peter (Discord)
    • What are some of the best work from home positions? Sometimes it's hard to work remote, but are there any positions that are a good fit? Or does it depend more on company culture/co-workers?
  • ReillyC52 (Discord)
    • Where are some of best places to discover new open source projects and contribute to them ?
  • Grant (Discord)
    • Immutable vs. mutable objects
    • New AI Libraries (tensorflow, keras, pytorch)