Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Episode 77: Julia


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Classic Computer Science


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Julia (51:10)

  • Scientific Programming
    • Typically slow interpreter, but very fast instructions
    • Optimized instructions
      • BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra System) library
      • FFTW (Fastest Fourier Transform in the West)
      • OpenMP
    • IDE with plotting, visualization support
      • MATLAB IDE
    • Jupyter/ipython
  • Top Features
    • Async (check episode 41 for details)
    • Native multiprocessor and distributed support
    • Completely free and open source (better than Java)
    • Compiled
    • 2017 Used for scientific calculation that reached 1.54 petaflops
      • C, C++, Fortran are only other high level languages to be used at 1+ petaflops so far