Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Episode 66: Code Reviews


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Book of the Show

Tool of the Show

Code Reviews

  • Why?
    • Get another pair of eyes
    • Teach others about what you do
  • What Not to do
    • Become a road block to work
    • Let reviews linger
    • Let it become about only style
    • Have only some people do reviews
  • How?
    • Email
    • In-person
    • Web tools
      • Phabricator
      • Gerrit
      • Gitlab/github
  • Rules
    • All changes must be approved by someone
    • Readability
    • +1 vs +2 or similar
    • To push anyways, there's an emergency mode
    • Keep line count down

1 comment:

  1. It'd be nice if you have a timestamp for when the topic starts. I do like the other bits but for those times I want to get straight to the topic, a timestamp would be great to have. All in all, I like the podcast. Learnt quite a bit. Thank you.