Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Episode 62: PHP and Hack


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Book of the Show

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PHP & Hack

  • PHP
    • Intro
      • Templating
      • Can Embed in HTML
      • Server-Side HTML Rendering
    • Advantages
      • Lots of libraries
      • Lots of tutorials and examples
    • Details
      • Weakly typed
      • Associative Arrays but with iterative support
      • Classes (as of PHP 3)
  • Hack
    • Backwards-compatible with PHP
      • Can run PHP code in hack without side effects
      • Compiled and Faster (HHVM)
    • Adds new features:
      • Types & Nullable
      • Generics
      • Collections, Lambda functions
      • Async functions
  • Why/When to use?
    • Legacy Systems
  • Where is it used?
    • Wordpress, phpBB, phpMyAdmin, Gallery, Drupal, MediaWiki, Joomla

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