Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Episode 57: Optimization


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Intro topic: Public Service Announcement: Binomial Distribution


Book of the Show

Tool of the Show

Optimization Discussion

  • Architecture
    • SIMD
    • GPU
    • CPU
  • Compiler settings
    • Optimization Settings (Why to turn on or off) (size vs speed)
    • Loop Unrolling
  • Memory
    • Cache Levels vs Main Memory
    • Data Locality/Access Patterns (Matrix multiply optimization)
  • Indexing
    • Trees
    • Hashing (Clustering)
  • Distributed Computing
    • Threading
      • Multi-Thread
      • Multi-Process
      • Thread pools
    • Networking
      • Load Balancing
      • Reliable UDP
  • Algorithmic improvements
    • Big-O notation
    • Approximations


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