Monday, May 2, 2016

Episode 53: Open Source Communities


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Open Source Communities with Mikeal Rogers

  • Introductions: what is the Node.JS foundation?
  • Open Source Communities
    • What is an open source community?
    • What is the relationship between tech companies and open source communities?
  • Communication
    • How to people across the global coordinate on a single project?  How are disagreements settled?
    • Are there conventions / events where contributors can meet face-to-face?
  • Getting involved
    • I want to improve open source project X, but the codebase is huge and I can’t understand it, how do I get started?
    • I think my open source project is really great, how do I build an audience and grow the project?
  • Node.JS
    • What are some cool projects made in Node.JS?
      • / electron / cordova / stackgl
  • The Node.JS Foundation
    • What does the Node.JS Foundation do day-to-day?
    • I am a student who loves Node.JS, how can I help?
    • My whole company runs on Node.JS, how can my business help the foundation?