Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Episode 51: Udacity: Democratizing Online Education


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  • Knowledge acquisition
    • How did you (Art / Jason / Patrick) first learn about programming?
    • If you had to start from scratch, how would you learn now?
  • Career Advancement
    • I got a degree in ¬(CS) but I really love programming, what's the best way to land a job in programming?
    • How can I get tech company X to interview me without a degree in CS?
  • Certification
    • How are online/bootcamp courses certified?  How is this different than a university accreditation?
    • Will companies substitute a certification from Udacity for a similar college course?
  • Udacity
    • Tell us about Udacity! (idea, conception, history, current state)
    • Does Udacity have academic courses or does it have industrial courses (or both)?
    • How is taking an Udacity course different than taking a university course?  How is it the same?
    • Are there any public stats on how Udacity has helped students reach their personal / career goals?