Thursday, January 28, 2016

Episode 50: Congratulations!


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    • Being that the job market for programmers are majority looking for B.A to M.A in computer science would it be tough to get hired by learning coding on your own? Or what would be your experience? [Mariano]
    • What is the story behind Programming Throwdown? What made you decide to get together and make a podcast on programming? [Ashley]
    • Is there a specific assembler you recommend (I have come across many, Masm, Nasm, Fasm etc..)? And is there any book or learning resource you can recommend for learning assembly?[Ashley]
    • Why do programmers love to hate on PHP and praise Lisp? [Ariel]
    • Why haven’t you covered PHP? [Sanyo]
    • I would like to hear an episode about the open source and "free" software. The ethics behind it and how someone could actually have a viable business which create open source software. [Christopher]
    • Can you talk about third party metrics and data collection systems? [Keny]
    • How frequently do programmers make use of open source software in their production-quality projects? [Alex]
    • Do you prefer Programmer, Developer, Software Engineer? etc? Do you think there are significant differences that go with the various terms or are they roughly interchangeable?  Thanks [Mark]
    • My degree allows me to focus on one of five fields. Software development, Web development, Information Security, Networking, and Database management. What are your takes on the future, applicability, and "in the field" work enviroment for each of these? [Shadrach]
    • How do you estimate a time frame for developing software? [Jared]
    • As technology replaces jobs, could you see developers (as opposed to Computer Scientists or Engineers based on the definition of the roles you suggested in one of your podcasts) becoming like welders/machinests/ect from the first machine age? [Ward]
    • How do you learn [new languages] and why do you use the resources that you use? [Zach]
    • I was wondering if you could do a talk about editors, or just talk about what you like to use and why. [Steve]
    • Want to know about programming basics and programming concepts LIke (OOP - Impretive - Functional and so on..) it would be nice to have some Episodes About these titles . [Alex]
    • Any pearls of wisdom? Any wish you'd knowns sooner? Any recommended resources? You know, "perspective?" [Arie]