Thursday, June 13, 2013

Episode 28: Applied Artificial Intelligence


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  • Picking a Programming Language
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Applied Artificial Intelligence

Common Terms
  • Objective Function
  • Features
  • Under/Over Fitting
  • Classification / Regression / Control
  • Supervised (Learn a function from residuals)
    • Gradient-Descent
    • Perceptron
    • Back-Propagation (Non-Linear)
  • Reinforcement Learning (Estimating value from reward)
    • Minimax, Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS)
    • Temporal Difference Learning
    • Genetic Algorithms
    • NEAT
  • Unsupervised (Clustering & Dimensionality Reduction)
    • K-Means
    • PCA
    • Neural Gas
  • Making an objective function
  • Training-Serving Skew
  • Modeling
    • Linearizing
    • Feature-Extraction & Discretization
    • Kernels
  • Measuring Performance


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