Friday, May 31, 2013

Episode 27: Artificial Intelligence Theory


Tool of the Show
Book of the Show

Theoretical Artificial Intelligence

  • The Turk 1770
  • Turing Test, Three Laws of Robotics(1942)
  • First neural net: 1951
  • Arthur Samuel’s Checkers AI: ‘51
  • Golden Age (‘56 - ‘74)
  • AI Winter (74-80)
  • Renaissance (1990+)
  • Deep Blue vs kasparov 1996
What is AI?
  • "Real" Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence
  • Common-Sense Knowledge
  • Goals: Deducting, Reasoning, Problem Solving
  • “Strong AI” (General AI): Artificial Intelligence that meets or exceeds human intelligence at every level.
  • Combinatorial explosion in planning
  • Knowledge representation
  • The frame problem
AI Projects


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