Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Episode 21: Mailbag


  • Marco from Brazil
    • How does web crawling work?
  • Aaron from Alabama
    • How do I get into computing when no one around me is into it?
  • Bryan from Detroit, MI
    • Seeing as how there are no longer any factory jobs in the United States, should school still be set-up the way it is currently, or should school change to follow what occupations people will actually follow?
  • Joshua from Los Angeles, CA
    • I am just learning programming (using your recommended 'Learn Python The Hard Way' link). My goal is to integrate Circos into Solus OS as a file-manager. What sort of language should I be learning, after I MASTER python of course, to accomplish that?
  • Mike from Virginia
    • Do you know of any free open source methods to sync mobile data between mobile devices (more than 1) and a remote server?
  • Cory from Texas
    • What programming language would you recommend for a beginner?
  • Joey from Alberta, Canada
    • How can I get into computer science theory?