Monday, June 27, 2011

Next show will be on Prolog, coming this weekend.

Hey all!

We planned on doing a show today but Patrick unfortunately came down with a bad flu and is out of commission. As soon as he is better and able to record the show, we will be covering Prolog, which is a truly unique language.

Stay tuned!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Episode 007 and show notes

Episode 7 Objective-C



Wii U

Duke Nukem Forever

How/Why we got into programming
Upon listener request, we talk about how we got started programming and why we will love it today.

Tool of the Biweek
Jason: JavE:
Patrick: Ascii Flow Diagram

Programming Language Discussion 
History of Objective-C

iOS/ Mac OSX Cocoa

-Dynamically & Statically typed
-Property Directives
-Object Oriented
-Smooth interface to C/C++

-Low user base (especially outside of iOS/OSX dev)
-Verbose and complicated syntax (dot syntax)

Asynchronous Programming
Writing & Understanding Event-Driven Code

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Podcast hits 25,000 downloads!

Today the podcast has hit 25,000 downloads, which is an awesome milestone! Thanks to everyone for listening and writing in with your feedback and suggestions.

We got an email from Weston asking us to cover Objective-C, which is a great idea because it is the #1 language for iOS development. Patrick is on vacation this week, so the show might slip to next week. We might be crazy and record the show from his hotel room. Help Patrick be a workaholic, and stay tuned!